Who is wine tasting suitable for?

Who is wine tasting suitable for?

So you have signed up for a Wine tasting and you are wondering if this is really a good choice for getting to know the country you’re visiting. The answer is yes. By tasting the local wine you uncover the soul of each country’s history, its people and philosophy. It offers you a look into the very DNA of the remote countrysides where the wine has been created, becoming the most enchanting message you could possibly get in a bottle. If you’re able to find the least bit of a researcher in you, there is one place you absolutely need to be and that is a wine tasting. Here are some more reasons why.

1. You know you Love wine, but don’t feel like you know that much about it

You’re out with your friends and the majority of them are deciding between a gin tonic and a tequila sunrise. All the while you are looking through the wine list, deciding between the fruity Rosé and the creamy Chardy, which you have just heard even the most demanding wine connoisseurs had rated highly. If this is the case, then a wine tasting is definitely the place where you ought to be. You’ll get an insight into the wines’ bouquets, learn where the aromas come from, how to detect them and what production styles do winemakers use in order to get the best out of what nature has offered them.

2. Your best friend is throwing a housewarming party

Your friend just moved into a new flat with a bigger living room and a more pleasant atmosphere. Instead of bringing a six pack of the same beer that you have recently brought to another friends birthday party, you find yourself in front of a wine shelf in your local Supermarket. You’re trying to figure out which of the many wines is the most suitable. Is it the classy Pinot Noir in which your friend will enjoy watching a captivating film or reading a thrilling book? Or would you rather bring something funkier instead? By participating in a wine tasting, your doubts and questions will be answered.

Picking the right wine for a particular occasion is crucial. You will want to impress your friends with the image and the style of your selected bottle. After going to a wine tasting, you’ll be able to advise your friend not only from which region to select the wine but also what is the true difference between let’s say a floral Sauvignon blanc and bold, fruity Cabernet Sauvignon.

3. You are afraid of the house sommelier

Each time you are in a restaurant and the house sommelier brings you the wine list you blackout. Skimming through that book seems even scarier than a college exam. You see your friend sitting calmly across the table, waiting for you to make your call and your palms are sweating more than ever. South Africa, Slovenia, Australia, France and Italy are the countries that you should choose from. But which wine will go well with your steak? If you had been to a wine tasting you’d know you cannot miss if you order a decisive red. Once you have, you will be self-confident enough to give advice even to the house sommelier. Food and Wine pairing is one of the most important chapters in a wine tasting and there is no need to ever sweat over that again.

4. You’re suddenly drawn to visit wine destinations

You’re planning your next vacation in a wine producing area. You are looking for the best possible choice for waking up surrounded by picturesque vineyards and you have already checked all the price ranges for a true wine degustation in the nearest cellar. Or maybe you want to explore your gourmet tastes on a voyage through a wine-growing region, which is actually just a stone throw away from where you live.

Lying on the beach trying to get that tan, just doesn’t sound so appealing as it did a couple of years ago. Now you want to meet people who produce wine and enjoy their local food.  Getting to know their history seems so much better than sipping cocktails on a beach full of tourists. A wine tasting is just the first step in getting to know the real local spirit. And once you have tasted that sip, you will know that you definitely want to meet the winemaker as well.

5. Not all wine is a good wine

You’re visiting a restaurant and your dinner table is almost touching a table of guests who had their reservation at approximately the same as yours. Your friend is still parking the car and you’re passing the time having a closer look at the menu as you overhear the conversation at the neighbouring table. You hear the house sommelier apologising profoundly for not noticing the bottle had a cork. Your first thought is “Of course all bottles have corks.” But the real problem with this one is that it’s actually a faulty wine. At the back of your head, you remember that this is one of the most common wine faults. You didn’t even realise until now that such a fault can be a reason for you to reject a bottle and claim a new one. You feel you’d like to know more about the possible faults and going to a wine tasting is definitely a great place to start.


If you’re able to find yourself in any of the above stories, there is only one place where you need to be and that is a wine tasting. You will be able to get first-hand answers to your questions, learn secrets about winemaking, hear about places that you absolutely have to visit as a wine aficionado and so much more.