Wine Tasting Bled

Wine Tasting Bled

Experience the world of Slovenian wines


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Wine Tasting

  • Wine Tasting Bled is a delightful social experience that will introduce you to Slovenia’s ancient, rich and highly respected winemaking tradition.
  • Learn about Slovenia’s winemaking tradition and experience its excellence with every drop.
  • Enjoy the lovely ambient of an old wine cellar and snack on delicious appetizers.
  • Spoil your taste buds by sipping on the best Slovenian wines, learn about the local culture and meet new people in a cosy ambient in the centre of  the hidden gem of Julian Alps.

FAQ & Gallery

Time for

fine wine

The wines are carefully selected by our sommeliers. Behind every wine, there is a story, which brings the tasting of each wine to perfection.

Our mission is to bring Slovenian wines closer to you and to make you fall in love with them.🥰

We’ll start our tasting off with the indigenous white variety, move slowly up to a special local wine blend, twirl at the booming orange wine (amber wine) and in the second part, it will be all about the red wines.

Sounds like a great time, yes? 🙂

And we just can’t wait to meet you and have you in our company! ❤️

Offer & Signup

True to our

vine roots

The Offer

  • 7 amazing boutique Slovenian wines
  • Delicious appetizers
  • Presented by wine expert
  • Certificate for becoming an ambassador of Slovenian wines
  • Souvenir

45€ / person

  • 2 hour Wine Tasting starts every day at 8.30 pm. 
  • Sign-up is required to reserve your spot.
  • The tasting is conducted in English.
  • Contact us for private groups.

Q: Why sign up for Wine Tasting?
A: It’s the best way to taste high-quality wines from all three wine-growing regions of Slovenia. Expert sommelier knowledge and fun socialising included.

Q: Who is this tasting for?
A: Anyone. Our Wine Tasting is perfect for both novice and expert wine tasters. The only thing that’s required is the desire to relax, drink some wine, and enjoy the ride.

Q: In what way is this Wine Tasting unique?
A: Our expert English-speaking sommelier will lead you down the thrilling path of tasting a selection of Slovenia’s best wines. Your taste buds will also be tested and your wine knowledge will be put to a test 🙂

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Restaurant Murka, Riklijeva cesta 9, 4260 Bled

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Catherine N.

Lovely wines and complimentary local cheese and ham. Would highly recommend.


Stewart O.

We learnt a lot about the wine regions of Slovenia and really felt like we were provided with a wide sampling selection.


Wael B.

Fun, educational and filled with laughter. Borris’ passion is captivating!


Emily B.

We were blown away by the orange wine and the oldest wine in the world.

Facts about

Slovenia and Wine

  • Slovenia is home to the oldest vine in the world. Even the Queen and the Pope own a bottle of wine that was made from it.
  • All Slovenian wine-growing regions produce quality and premium wines. 70 % of all wines produced in Slovenia belong in this category.
  • The Rajsko vino (Paradise wine) is an extra special product, first produced to commemorate Bled’s 1000 year anniversary (2004).
  • Wine plays such an important role in our culture that our national anthem is actually a toast.
  • When the autumn harvests finish, the Slovenians have a national holiday which is St. Martin’s Day on November 11. St. Martin, was a patron saint according to Slovenian folklore, was the man who was responsible for turning water into wine.
  • Some winemakers are maturing some of their wine bottles in the lake Bled.

Tasting you'll never forget!

Join us for an unforgettable top rated Wine Tasting in Bled!