Wine Tasting Bled

Spoil your taste buds sipping on the best Slovenian wines, learn about the local culture, and meet new people near the world-famous Alpine jewel of Lake Bled.
Start time
8:30 pm
Finish time
10:30 pm
Try some of the best Slovenian wines and learn about the country’s culture and geography
Get introduced to Slovenia’s ancient, rich and highly respected winemaking tradition
Enjoy the lovely ambient of an old wine cellar and snack on delicious appetizers
Mingle with other like-minded wine lovers and make wonderful memories
Slovenian wines
Taste some of the best Slovenian wines
Wine tasting in Bled
A fun and delightful experience
Wine cellar
Enjoy wine in a 100-year-old wine cellar
Discovering local wines with expert sommeliers
Learn from our expert sommeliers
Aromas in wines
Can you smell the different aromas?
Blind tasting experience
Have you tried blindfolded tasting before?
Bled's best wine experience
Top wines accompanied by delicious appetizers
Tasting top Slovenian wines
Certified ambassadors of Slovenian wines!
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Included in price

7 amazing boutique Slovenian wines
Delicious appetizers
Presented by wine expert
Certificate for becoming an ambassador of Slovenian wines

Wine Tasting Bled is a fantastic social experience that will introduce you to Slovenia’s rich, ancient, and highly respected winemaking tradition.

Our mission is to bring Slovenian wines closer to you and to make you fall in love with them 🥰

There is no wine tasting without a great atmosphere, and that’s where it all starts for us too. We will descend down to the 100-year-old wine cellar of the second oldest restaurant in Bled — and from there, the wine tasting begins!

Under the guidance of our experienced sommeliers, you are going to embark on a journey of exploring Slovenia through its best wines. You’ll not only taste 7 amazing wines but also learn a lot about Slovenian culture and geography, as each of them comes from a different region.

Each wine was carefully selected, and behind every one of them, there is a story, which brings the tasting to perfection 🍷

From the indigenous white varieties at first, to the deep red wines at the end, all of it is also complemented by delicious appetizers. For an even better tasting experience, our sommeliers also recommend adding chocolate to the mix — You’ll never want to go back once you try!

And as we mentioned in the beginning, this is a fantastic social experience. A way to meet new like-minded people who enjoy a glass of wine like yourself. And have a ton of fun on the way!

Sounds like a great time, yes? 🙂

We just can’t wait to meet you and have you in our company! ❤️

We also operate in Ljubljana if you want to check out Wine Tasting Ljubljana, and offer Wine Tours in Slovenia on top of that!

But if you want to spend extended holidays here and discover our gourmet gastronomy, check out Food & Wine Holidays Slovenia.


Restaurant Murka, Riklijeva cesta 9, 4260 Bled

Holiday Offers

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Enjoy the wine-tasting holidays at your own pace by having us coordinate your personalized dream getaway in the homeland of the white wine, Styria.

For a customized itinerary contact us at or visit Wine Tours Slovenia!

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Vineyards cover the hills as far as the eye can see — the lands in the Vipava Valley and Goriška Brda live for wine, and so can you during these wine holidays.

For a customized itinerary contact us at or visit Wine Tours Slovenia!

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Things to know

Wine tasting is a planned and structured experience where you use your smell and taste to determine the wine’s character, aromas, body and so much more, all in the company of a wine expert.

Anyone (over 18) who loves a glass of great wine. Our Wine Tasting is perfect for both novice and expert wine tasters. The only thing that’s required is the desire to relax, drink some wine, and enjoy the ride.

Besides leading you down the thrilling path of tasting a selection of Slovenia’s best wines, our English-speaking sommelier will also tell you a lot about the country itself. This means that our Wine Tasting also doubles as an introduction to Slovenia.

Our appetizers are intended for all, also gluten-free (cheese, olives, dry fruit).

Can I try more than 7 samples?

Yes, you’ll have the option of buying them in the wine shop next to the bar or send us an email and we’ll make sure it gets delivered to you.

The Wine Tasting starts every day at 5 pm and lasts 2 hours. In the wintertime, there are some changes to the start time, but we let you know beforehand. We also do private tastings – If you’re interested, contact us and let us know your wishes.

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A small team of dedicated and certified wine professionals will lead you through this delightful experience.

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Sip on Slovenia's finest wines, carefully selected for the ultimate tasting enjoyment.

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7 Slovenian wines in a 100-year-old wine cellar
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