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Lake Bled

From Ljubljana to the Alpine region below the Julian Alps, you will reach Bled, the magnificent Alpine resort. Ascend the old castle perched on top of a steep cliff above the glacial Lake Bled. The castle terraces offer spectacular views of the lake and its tiny island in the middle. Take a boat ride with

Red wine for Menstrual cramps? The best medicine you can ever have

Menstrual cramps and painful menses, or well-known as Dysmenorrhea affects around 75 to 95% of women, worldwide. The percentage varies country-wise. These menstrual cramps can be excruciating, leaving the body in a lot of distress. The common symptoms of Dysmenorrhea are all-inclusive painful menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pain, followed by recurring nausea, irregular vomiting, upset

The Secret of the Orange Wine

Orange wine is not a rosé or wine made of oranges, as someone may think. It is in fact a white wine made with a process for red wines. Around the world, and even in Slovenia, this is actually an old process of producing white wines, although its global popularity among gourmets and wine experts

New Year’s Eve in Bled

Bled is one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. The fairy tale image of the island in the middle of the lake fascinates every visitor. It is especially magical on New Year’s Eve when you can do a bunch of interesting and pleasant things before entering into the New Year after midnight.

Wine Regions of Slovenia: Primorska

Primorska is a coastal region in South-west Slovenia. Its name means “the one by the sea” or simply “coastal”. It has a little over 7.399 hectares of vineyards spread across 4 districts called Vipava valley, Slovenian Istria, Goriška Brda and Kras.

Wine Regions of Slovenia: Podravje

The Podravje region is located in North-east Slovenia. It contains 8.113 hectares of wine-growing surfaces and is the largest winegrowing region in the country, producing the second largest share of Slovenian wine (38%). It’s comprised of two districts, called Štajerska (7.329 ha) and Prekmurje (784 ha).

Who is wine tasting suitable for?

So you have signed up for a Wine tasting and you are wondering if this is really a good choice for getting to know the country you’re visiting. The answer is yes. By tasting the local wine you uncover the soul of each country’s history, its people and philosophy.

Mastering the Basics of Food and Wine Pairings

Good wine goes hand in hand with great food. In fact, they go together so well it’s sometimes hard to imagine having one without the other. Here are some useful tips on pairing food with wine, ranging from some very basic first steps to the more specific pairings of different types of food.

3 Of The Best Awarded Slovenian Wineries

Slovenians are just too modest to brag about our wine. Despite the fact that world famous connoisseurs keep awarding our wineries, not many people know how great it actually is. In this article, we’re putting 3 of our most awarded wineries in the limelight they deserve.