Red wine for Menstrual cramps? The best medicine you can ever have

A glass of red wine a day can make a menstrual cramp go away. Read more about how wine can help.
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Blog Published January 22, 2020
Edited April 26, 2024

Menstrual cramps and painful menses, or well-known as Dysmenorrhea affects around 75 to 95% of women, worldwide. The percentage varies country-wise. These menstrual cramps can be excruciating, leaving the body in a lot of distress. The common symptoms of Dysmenorrhea are all-inclusive painful menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pain, followed by recurring nausea, irregular vomiting, upset stomach, a terrible headache, giddiness, and shooting pain at the back. The cause behind this disease is still not clear, but it has been ruling the woman’s body for ages. Menstrual cramps top the list, as it makes the women unable to move for days! Many medical experts are still on the search for the exact reason behind the same. As per research, a very likely pathogenic factor named Prostaglandin (PGF) is behind the leading cause of menstrual cramps and the occurrence of Dysmenorrhea. Most of the womankind has an elevated PGF, which stimulates the contraction and vasoconstriction of uterine. It initiates the menstrual cramps, in association with Dysmenorrhea.

In the world of various traditional medicine, many sorts of food have certain medicinal qualities and associated energetics. The meaning is simple. These foods or the associated ingredients in that particular food build a protective wall inside the body while defending the same from these recurring ailments. For instance, for backache or headache, we always head towards our medicine cupboard in search of an immediate cure. There are many food items or herbal drinks, which also caters to solve this female physical agony. And one such instance is none other than the ever-enriching Red Wine! The fact of red wine is so useful, seldom comes to our mind. But, the truth remains that ingredients in a glass of red wine can act as a shield against this kind of physical traumas. But, it is not that you continue drinking the same, every day, irrespective of your menstrual cramps. A couple of glasses of red wine, during your agonizing days, is more than enough to do the trick!

Red Wine – The best medicine

Glass of red wine with sky in the background

Resveratrol, present in red wine, is the main compound restricting the menstrual cramps. The active antioxidant present in it has the goodness of being anti-platelet collection, resists cancerous growth, anti-inflammation, and other vaso-relaxation agents. These all aid in the relief of menstrual cramps and related symptoms of Dysmenorrhea. Various scientific researches are still on, concerning the painful menstrual cramps, and still, the process is ongoing.

The alcohol content in red wine increases blood circulation, restricting the formation of blood clots. Menstrual cramps happen due to the low flow of blood during the time of menses. Red wine is much better than the white one, as it warms the body. After the consumption of a glass of red wine, it aids in channelizing the blood flow and acts as a prevention of scar-tissue development. But do not worry, as the blood circulation increases only to a certain extent, and never results in excessive bleeding.

During the menses, the female body tries to shed away with the uterine lining along with insignificant menstrual cramps and blood clots. Drink a glass of red wine, when the pain takes place — it acts as advantageously for the body. When there is bleeding, and the body tries to heal, the consumption of red wine facilitates thorough circulation. Also, be sure of consulting your gynecologist for better guidance and general tips.

Point taken

Nonetheless, if seen as a whole, red wine can act like magic during your menstrual cramp days! Have a glass or two of red wine during these days. It is the best medicine ever found in the world of traditional healing. The sparkling redness in it is the best healer, relieving you from the agonizing and dreadful menstrual cramps.

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Red wine for Menstrual cramps? The best medicine you can ever have

Menstrual cramps and painful menses, or well-known as Dysmenorrhea affects around 75 to 95% of women, worldwide. The percentage va...
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